Publishing Principles

Istanbul Journal of Social Sciences is an electronic peer-reviewed journal, published online at least twice a year.

 •  Articles to be publihed in this journal are not supposed to be published anywhere else before.

•  Article languages in this journal are Turkish and English.

•  Copyrights of published articles belong to journal.

•  No royalty payment is given to the article authors.

•  Authors has responsibility of the ideas brought forward in the articles published in this journal and legal liability of the articles belong to authors.

•  Authors should apply for membership in order to add an article to the system and after approval of membership, authors can enter the system via User Login section and send the related study via Send Article menu.

•  Article texts, reference systems and bibliographies should be prepared in American Psychological Association (APA) style.

•  Articles not suitable with writing rules are rejected no need a reviewer assessment.

•  An article should be given a positive assessment by two reviewer to be published. If one reviwer gives a positive assessment for an article while the other gives negative, a third reviewer will be applied for the decisive decision.

•  Authors can track their own article assessment proccess on their user account.