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Author: Yrd.Doç.Dr.Emel CAN

Index: 10

Year: 2015 Summer

Busy pace of industrialisation and urbanisation affects tourism movement also. Recreational events have had much more matter to able to evaluate leisure time of individuals, to move away from settings which they live constantly, to renew and to turn back to daily life by much more motivation every passing day. Today, individuals prefer more frequent and short-term vacations. It is seen that they are liable both to travel in terms of participate in recreational events and to participate in recreational evwnts in their vacations. Moreover, while developing communication and transportation technologies give a chance for making the inclination, intensity of competition among destinations has also increased every passing day. Destinations make an effort to increase their competitiveness with events that they arrange or receive in addition to natural, historical, cultural attractions in order to get tourism demand and to create demand for themselves. While events which differ from size and concept create advantages such as increasing the demand related to destinations, contribution to destination image, decreasing the effect of seasonality, planning event has matter to success of event and sustainability of event for destination managers. It has been emphasized on the relation among leisure time, recreational events and event tourism and suggestions have been made for destination methods for planning successful event on the study.

Keywords: LeisureTime, Recreation, Recreational Events, Event Tourism

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