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Author: Ersoy SOYDAN, Nuray ALPASLAN

Index: 7

Year: 2014 Summer

Catastrophes; especially natural disasters, are big events which occur off hand by people and can give big damages to their properties and lifes. Natural disasters, can cause disasters on a large scale. Millions of people encounters with natural disasters and its results every year. Thus, every kind of catastrophe affects the several places of the world. Since the existence of the World, natural disasters are exist and they are effecting the whole of people. When we look at the human history, technology shows a rapid development parallel with satisfying the needs of scocieties. As a result of the rapid technological development, mass communication tools have become the important part of our lifes. Today, internet, telephone, radio, television, satellites, computers are important communication tolls which take an important place in people’s life but this developed technology could not alter the effects of disasters. Mass communication has some impacts only on precoutions taken after the disasters realised. Especially, function of media such as conveying the true information to the public in right time is important. In this study, the functions and effects of the media by addressing the natural disasters, has focused on importance of this issue.

Keywords: Catastrophes, Media, Mass Communication

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