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Author: Yrd.Doç.Dr.Yağmur ÖZYER, Yrd.Doç.Dr.Ebru GÖZÜKARA

Index: 8

Year: 2014 Fall

In order to meet the cornerstone of the continuity and high brand value of goal activities and the necessity of establishing a more flexible, more compliant, more advanced interference ability and more innovative firms is becoming much more important in the environmental conditions which needs innovation in constantly changing demand situations. The companies respond to the constantly changing demands of the market is directly proportional to the aperture processes related to innovation. Technology provides the ground for the emergence of an innovative culture medium to create the base of the novelty and innovation. Technology provides the base of innovation and prepares the formation of innovation and innovative culture. Despite the complexity occurred by technology, firms, that are embracing to innovative culture with their innovative perspectives kneading organizational cultures, are emerging as the most important requirement of providing a competitive advantage in global markets. However, the innovative culture is not sufficient alone within the organization and the creativity of employees is easier to maximize which is also supported by innovation. Therefore the creativity within the organization to learn and maintain a competitive advantage against other competitors is being evaluated by firms. Based on this research, the effect of innovative culture and technological complexity on organizational creativity learning efforts has been examined in this study and this relationship is shed light in this area of the literature.

Keywords: Innovative Culture, Organizational Creativity Learning Efforts.

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